1 Suzie the Foodie: Halloween Floating Ghost Suspended in Orange Jell-O Treat

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Floating Ghost Suspended in Orange Jell-O Treat

Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

I discovered the idea for a ghostly Jell-O treat here via Pinterest. Oh Pinterest, you get me into as much trouble as you do finding me fun!

A Halloween treat that requires forced air and duct tape? Well you know me, I just had to try it.

Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

I made orange Jell-O as the package directed, starting off with boiling water.

Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

Then added the gelatine and stirred to dissolve.

 Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

I poured the liquid into two mason jars and let set in the fridge overnight.

I first tried to just add a straw to the nozzle, put it down at the bottom of the Jell-O and make the whipped cream ghost. Which did not work the way it was supposed to! (Love that you can hear Reg's concerned voice in the background.)

Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

So I took off the nozzle, use the duct tape again to attach the straw to the spout and tried again.

Nope! No luck!

Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

So Reg got involved thinking that if you put the straw through the nozzle, it might work.

Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

Nope! Came out the bottom. Damn it!

Creative Problem Solving

Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

I was determined not to have this be a disaster (which it kind of already was) so I rolled out a marshmallow and cut it into the shape of a little ghost with a cookie cutter.


It stayed in the shape of a ghost pretty well. How would it do in Jell-O though?

I used a bamboo skewer to get the little guy right down into the gelatine.

And then I added the mouth and eyes using mini chocolate chips.

Foodie Results

Halloween Ghostly Orange Jell-O Treat

Not quite perfect but still spooky, creative, fun and yummy to have on Halloween.

Well that is my last Halloween post for 2012! I will still always have spooky foodie elements here and there though, that's just how I roll. I hope you enjoyed all the treat and that you get to celebrate where you are this year.

Halloween Ectoplasm Slimed Popcorn

We are definitely getting hit with the hurricane tonight. Right now it is very atmospheric with the storm raging outside including thunder and lightning. Not quite the Halloween I like to have. No giving out candy to the kiddies but I will be sitting in front on the TV watching scary stuff with my sweetheart eating Ectoplasm Slimed Popcorn.

Hal-Con 2012
I ain't afraid of no Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

Happy Halloween Fellow Spooky Foodies!!!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I cannot believe there was something that duct tape could not solve! Don't let Red Geen know!

Samhain blessings to you and Mr Khan.

Joan said...

Love the videos! What a cute idea! It looks like you need surgicals skills to effect it!!!

Talking Trash & Wasting Time said...

haha awesome and clever!

I hope you are fine and not too much damage with the storm, very scary xx

Suzie Ridler said...

Red Green would have been very disappointed in us!

Thanks for watching the videos Joan, glad you liked them.

TT&WT, the storm wasn't too bad here. It did let up for a while so we actually got trick or treaters which was awesome.

The baker said...

Oh wow, so glad your perseverance paid off! I wonder if you stuck the marshmallow figure to the glass before you pour in the jello whether it'd work? I'm thinking about trying out this idea with snowmen and green jello for christmas :)

Suzie Ridler said...

Yup, didn't give up! If you put the marshmallow in first, it might melt if it's still quite warm so let it cool a bit first. Let me know how it goes!